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Topic: Rage
The new items published under this topic are as follows.

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Rage: Tribal War available for playtesting
Posted by  fenrislorsrai  on  Friday, November 05, 2004
Playtesting for the latest set of Rage: Tribal War cards has started! This is a short set of a mere 18 cards to tide you over 'til next year. Playtesting runs from now until December 10th, and the finished cards will be released by the end of December.

To download the cards, go to River Von and click on New Cards: Tribal War to downlaod the PDF of the playtest cards. The first two pages are cards, the last page has an explanation of the new Legacy mechanic and the playtesting agreement. Please read it before going off to playtest!

If you have comments on the cards, either send them direct to the playtesting director (his e-mail address is in the PDF) or post a message to Rageinfo with [TW playtest] in the title.
166 reads

Full moon fever!- Rage online moot
Posted by  fenrislorsrai  on  Monday, September 27, 2004
The full moon is coming up on Tuesday, Sept. 28th and the Rage community is holding an online moot! Starting at 9PM Eastern standard time, Rage players will be gathering to play Rage online using the Gatling engine by CCG Workshop.

Download the engine from CCG workshop. Rage is free to play online.

New player or never played and you want to learn? Stop by the moot. Many experienced players will be available to teach new players the ropes. Preconstructed decks are available.

The moot is aimed at North American players, but if this moot goes well, we will try to organize moots for other world regions (Western Europe, Australia, etc).
115 reads

Gauntlet survey and new search option
Posted by  fenrislorsrai  on  Monday, September 27, 2004
Tell us which artists you loved, and which you hated by filling out the Gauntlet art survey.
Non Rage players are welcome to fill out the survey as well.

A search feature has been added to the main Rage site, River Von. A clean up of the background architecture is in the works, but the search feature should let you find what you're looking for until that's done.
100 reads

System maintenance on main Rage site
Posted by  fenrislorsrai  on  Thursday, September 09, 2004
River Von the main Rage website, will be undergoing background system maintenance from Friday Sept. 10th through Monday Sept. 13th. This may mean some features will be temporarily unavailable or malfunctioning during that time period.

We are conducting several surveys right now (see other articles on Wolfspoor) which will be affected by the server maintanence as they are hosted on River Von's server. If you have trouble accessing those surveys during that period of time, try back later.

We apologize for the inconvenience. We really do want to hear your input, so please be patient!
291 reads

Web of Deceit art survey
Posted by  fenrislorsrai  on  Thursday, September 09, 2004
The art survey for Web of Deceit is now available.

Take the survey

Tell us what you thought about the art for the set. Good? Bad? mediocre? Let us know!

Non-Rage players are welcome to play art critic as well. The survey has a link off it that will show you the art for all the cards in Web of Deceit. The artwork will open in a seperate window so you can flip back and forth between the survey and the artwork.
315 reads

Which way should Rage go?
Posted by  IanWatson  on  Tuesday, September 07, 2004
The developer for Rage: Tribal War is currently conduscting a survey to determine which way he should go with Tribal War. Did you like the last set? Which cards did you love? Which did you hate? Which cards are broken and need errata? Which tribe needs the most help to balance the game?

He needs your input! Fill out the survey here:

Fill it out and you just might win a prize, too! The developer is trying to determine what sort of prize, but if you fill it out and send it in, you're entered in the drawing for some sort of fabulous Rage or Werewolf flavored treat!
45 reads

Design a card for Rage: Tribal War
Posted by  fenrislorsrai  on  Tuesday, September 07, 2004
The developer for Rage Tribal War is letting you, yes YOU, help him design a card for the next set!

The card is built by committee based on how people vote each week. Each week a different aspect of the card design will be up for popular vote.

Here's the way this works:
Read more... (156 words more)
64 reads

Rage Technical Survey
Posted by  IanWatson  on  Sunday, August 29, 2004
It's survey time again, Rage fans! This time we're doing a technical survey to find out how you're using the new cards, any technical issues you're having getting them, whether you're playing with them online, and if our current release schedule is keeping you satisfied.

So, drop in and take our technical quiz and let us know.

Survey should take about a minute to fill out.
68 reads

Rage Cards at GenCon
Posted by  IanWatson  on  Thursday, August 19, 2004
If you are attending GenCon and wish to play in either of the two Rage tournaments, but forgot your cards or did not have time to get a deck together, there will be a limited number of 'loaner' decks available.

Loaner decks are available on a first come, first serve basis from the tournament director. If you need one, show up at the tournament and request one from the tournament director, Matt Farney. All loaner decks are competative decks built to tournament legal standards. At this summer's Anthrocon, the third place finisher was actually playing a loaner deck and took home a prize. Take a chance and jump back into the game!

The two Rage tournaments at GenCon will run simultaneously at 6PM on Saturday. There is one Rage: Apocalypse tournament (classic White Wolf Rage) and one Rage: Tribal War (Five Rings Publishing edition) tournament.

Read more... (87 words more)
1 Comment
96 reads

Rage: Gauntlet available for download
Posted by  IanWatson  on  Thursday, August 19, 2004
The new Rage CCG set, Gauntlet, is now available for download. Gauntlet brings 74 all new, fully illustrated cards to the table. Whether you play the Wyrm or Gaia, you'll find cards to augment both your offense and defense.

Over 20 artists worked on Gauntlet included Ursa Major Award winner Ursula Vernon, Magic: the Gathering regular Cara Mitten, political artist Pseudomanitou, and many more.

Gauntlet is legal for tournament play at GenCon.

Get your cards at:
Read more... (68 words more)
113 reads

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